WIR 4/26-5/2

Monday 4/26: Checked Forest Grove at lunch, 1 yellow-rump, 1 forktail.

Tuesday 4/27: Hardy Pond had a couple Barn Swallows mixed in with many Tree.

Wednesday 4/28: Paine Estate was quiet.

Thursday 4/29: Too windy at Prospect Hill but did have what was most likely a Bald Eagle over the Cambridge Res (lost it before I could be certain but nothing else it could have been).

Friday 4/30: Started for Beaver Brook in the morning but had car issues, so only managed 30 minutes. Few yellow-rumps, 1 Hermit Thrush were all I could find. Car trouble prevented me from going out at lunch, but a Peregrine over the Charles at Moody St later was very nice.

Saturday 5/1: Led the BBC trip to Mt. Auburn. Went into Boston with parents and uncle later in the day. Public garden was too crowded by then, but 3 Black-crowned Night-Herons along the Charles were nice.


And a couple shots of the hawk:



Sunday 5/2: Graverson/Hardy Pond loop had an Eastern Kingbird, Northern Waterthrush, and Common Yellowthroat (and a Chimney Swift when repeating the walk in the afternoon). Arlington Res had 4(!) Orchard Orioles, many Warbling Vireos and Kingbirds but not much else.