WIR 12/12-12/18

Sunday 12/12: Red-shoulder at Hardy Pond as already mentioned. Tried Dunback and the field station in the rain with nothing to show.

Monday 12/13: Lyman Pond had lots of feeder birds and not much on the water.

Tuesday 12/14: Prospect Hill had nothing.

Wednesday 12/15: Paine had a couple juncos and a creeper.

Thursday 12/16: Checked Gore Place for a change. Possible target for the CBC not found and not too much of interest.

Friday 12/17: Charles: 5 Ring-necks, 10 Hoodies, 1 Common Merganser.

Saturday 12/18: CBC scouting. Dunback was quiet (multiple sharpies contributing). Lots of geese at Fernald. Gore was birdy but nothing unusual. Pintail with the mallards and geese in front of the YMCA was nice. Afternoon buzz around Beaver St didn’t have much. Moody St. was more open than last weekend; nothing unusual on the water, but a Purple Finch was a nice surprise.