WIR 12/19-12/28

Sunday 12/19: CBC

Monday 12/20: Tired from Sunday

Tuesday 12/21: Woerd Ave boatramp had 10 Hoodies and 6 Ring-necks.

Wednesday 12/22: Charles: 5 Hoodies, 1 heron, 1 Cooper’s, 3 crows of slightly different size.

Thursday 12/23: Duck Ponds: One Great Blue, not much else.

Friday 12/24: Long walk on the Charles (Shaw’s to Woerd Ave boat ramp and back). About 10-15 hoodies, 9 Ring-necks, first goldeneye of the winter finally, 2 Fish Crow, 2 Red-winged Blackbird, 2 herons, and a flyover siskin/redpoll. Went to Dunback after for redpolls, no luck with those but 2 Fox Sparrows made it worthwhile.

Saturday 12/25: Yard was had the usual, nothing good on the way to NH.

Sunday 12/26: Snowstorm didn’t blow anything good in.

Monday 12/27:¬†Snowstorm still didn’t blow anything good in.

Tuesday 12/28: Nothing, too windy and snowy to bother going out.