WIR 1/5-1/11

Wednesday 1/5: Lot 1 was pretty quiet. Did stop at the Y on the way over and found the pintails still there (thought it had totally frozen at some point since the CBC but maybe not). Did miss 2 Cooper’s in the yard.

Thursday 1/6: Hit the river walk as John Sharp found 2 Barrow’s yesterday. On arrival, only could see Sunday’s bird. Walked down to the other end (40! Ring-necks on the way), then found both together when I returned. New one looks like the returning bird, other’s clearly a young one (very obvious in direct comparison: lighter brown head, bill and eye aren’t as bright, etc).

Friday 1/7: Lyman Pond was frozen so ended up at the field station with nothing much.

Saturday 1/8: Walked to Lot 1, West Meadow, and Met State. Other than a Great Horned at Lot 1, it was pretty quiet.

Sunday 1/9: Charles

Monday 1/10: Prospect Hill: handful of creepers, not much else.

Tuesday 1/11: Beaver Brook, nothing unusual but pretty good variety for a quick walk in the cold.