WIR 1/12-1/18

Wednesday 1/12: Snow storm, Tree Sparrow at the feeder finally.

Thursday 1/13: Roads still too much of a mess to go out.

Friday 1/14: Charles. Found the Lesser Scaup John Hines had the other day but no Barrow’s or Red-breasted Mergansers. River was almost frozen from the railroad bridge to the opening between the overlooks. Tree Sparrow down the street was a bit unusual.

Saturday 1/15: Went to Dunback in the cold, found nothing.

Sunday 1/16: Out to Otis for something that I’m not talking about, nothing of note.

Monday 1/17: Finally got a bird in Otis when some chickadees called as we packed the car. Sharpie in Springfield on the way back was the only thing of interest.

Tuesday 1/18: Rather nasty out.