WIR 1/19-1/25

Wednesday 1/19: Tried to hit Moody St but couldn’t find parking close enough to fit it in on my lunch break, so went to the Elm St end of the river walk. One goldeneye, 41 Ring-neck, scaup still present.

Thursday 1/20: Found space for Moody St. Almost frozen (open on the other side of Moody St and at Prospect St). Eventually dug out the wigeon at Prospect St but nothing else among the mallards, geese, and gulls.

Friday 1/21: Snowed in again. Feeders were busy all day but nothing new.

Saturday 1/22: Didn’t bother going out really. Usual feeder birds still and a big flock of robins moving through the end of the street late afternoon were it.

Sunday 1/23: Led the WLT annual duck walk. Had a good crowd, about 30, and most of the birds cooperated. All the usual stuff was around, plus recently arrived Wood Ducks and a Golden-crowned Kinglet in the Shaw’s lot. Photos of some things up sooner or later.

Monday 1/24: Too cold for anything. Drove up Woerd Ave at lunch and saw a Red-tail and a few House Sparrows.

Tuesday 1/25: Went to Beaver Brook. Peregrine flew over getting out of the car and I thought it landed on one of the radio towers by the marsh. Wandered over there and could only find 2 Red-tails. Didn’t really have time to check the rest of Beaver Brook but walked through quickly. Singing House Finches were nice.