WIR 2/2-2/8

Wednesday 2/2: Snowed in.

Thursday 2/3: Managed a bit of the river walk. Two Fish Crows in the parking lot, coot at the bridge, and a couple ring-necks and mergansers. River was mostly frozen.

Friday 2/4: Duck ponds kinda sorta. One step in and I was knee-deep in snow, so didn’t walk around.

Saturday 2/5: More or less stayed home. Quick run around the Cambridge Res for the coyote show (raven show was over).

Sunday 2/6: Charles

Monday 2/7: Prospect Hill. Lots of robins and not much else. Might have had something by climbing over the snowbanks and checking the base but not on my lunch hour.

Tuesday 2/8: Charles again but it was raining so just stared at gulls (and a Fish Crow) in the parking lot.