WIR 4/13-4/20

Wednesday 4/13: Hardy Pond in the rain was pretty quiet. Nothing at all on the Cambridge Res.

Thursday 4/14: Lots of woodpeckers and Pine Warblers at Paine along with my first Chipping Sparrow of the year.

Friday 4/15: West Meadow was very quiet.

Saturday 4/16: Fells where we didn’t see Louisiana Waterthrush. I continued to Prospect Hill and the Cambridge Res without much.

Sunday 4/17: Led an MBC trip to Rock Meadow and BBN. Highlights: Sapsucker, Fox Sparrow, first of year Swamp Sparrows, Brown Thrasher, and a raccoon. Also first Cabbage White of the year. Arlington Res in the afternoon had a Pectoral Sandpiper among the usual stuff.


Monday 4/18: Went down to Hyannis for Yellow-legged Gull. Very strong winds didn’t help, hard to tell if they kept the gulls away or if they’ve moved on. Lots of Bonaparte’s (and possibly a Black-headed) plus first of year Laughing Gull and Piping Plover.


Tuesday 4/19: Duck ponds had lots of Yellow-rumps, a few Palms, and 4 Wood Ducks.

Wednesday 4/20 (changing the starting day again): Purgatory Cove had lots of swallows including several Rough-winged and a Bank, along with a very noisy pair of kingfishers, tons of Palms and Yellow-rumps, 3 Ring-necks, and 2 Lesser Scaup (at least the male was, presumably the female was too).