WIR 4/6-4/12

Wednesday 4/6: Hit Hardy Pond for a couple minutes on the way to work: 5 Ruddy, few mergansers, bufflehead, etc. Paine at lunch had the expected Pine Warbler along with a Hermit Thrush but not much else (half surprised no butterflies). Frogs were going strong.

Thursday 4/7: Long walk around BBN. Phoebes all over (minimum of 5) and at least one Rusty Blackbird singing from the vernal pool was an overdue patch tick. Turkey ran across the road on the way out.

Friday 4/8: Charles at lunch. WF Goose was still around. Palm and Pine Warblers by the telephone worker training area. Great Meadows after work. Finally caught up with one of the Horned Grebes and also had first of year Barn Swallow.

Horned Grebe

Saturday 4/9: Mostly in New Salem. Also had first comma of the year and a quick glimpse of the Osprey on nest at the Littleton rookery.

Sunday 4/10: Walked through Lot 1, West Meadow, and BBN. Great Horned at Lot 1, 2 Fox Sparrows and a Field Sparrow at BBN were about it for birds. Two Mourning Cloaks and several commas as well.

Monday 4/11: Forest Grove had a few Palm Warblers. Fairly quiet otherwise, but a Virginia Rail called very distantly as I was heading out.

Tuesday 4/12: Kinglets all over the base of Prospect Hill, not too much up the ski slope. Went back to Forest Grove after work and explored Flowed Meadow a bit. Lots of Palms, along with a few Yellow-rumps and a couple Palms. A rail was very loud below the bench near the landfill. At Purgatory Cove, a couple jays, titmice, and a nuthatch were going bonkers over a couple holes but I couldn’t find anything in them (go in at the gate on the right just beyond the cove, down the path that’s immediately to right are two pines on the left, the tree was next to those, easier to check from climbing up the hill a bit).