WIR 5/12-5/18

Thursday 5/12: BBN: BT Blue, Parula, nothing too exciting.

Friday 5/13: Paine: YB Cuckoo, Nashville, probable Springtime Darner.

Saturday 5/14: Combined Birdathon/Menotomy Century Run. Ended up with 105 species ranging from Vine Brook Marsh to the Brooks Estate, Fells, Horn Pond, Horn Pond Mountain, Hanscom, Great Meadows, Lindentree Farms, Nine Acre Corner, White Pond, and the Charles.

Sunday 5/15: Led the BBC Mt. Auburn trip. It was raining for most of the time and no one showed, which didn’t bother me much. Ended up with 11 warblers and a few other things in an hour.

Monday 5/16: Duck ponds: swan was back, parula and yellowthroat were it otherwise.

Tuesday 5/17: Nothing much at Hardy Pond. Spotted Sandpiper flying across Cambridge Res. No storm-blown birds.

Wednesday 5/18: Great Meadows before work: 2 Hooded Merganser, lots of swallows including a few Cliff. Ravens at Prospect Hill (and a Fish Crow).