WIR 5/19-5/25

Thursday 5/19: Home and away.

Friday 5/20: Travel day.

Saturday 5/21: Cousin’s graduation. Kingfisher flew over mid-ceremony. Afternoon walk around the FDR estate had first Spot-winged Glider of the year.

Sunday 5/22:


Stopped at Bartholomew’s Cobble on the way home. Now 1 for 1 on Black Vulture. Also heard a Bay-breasted and a few other warblers. Plus got Black Vulture in New York on the way as well, would have been nice to get a Connecticut one too.

Monday 5/23: Paine, forgot about the science field trips so ended up working down the hill. BT Green, yb cuckoo, sharpie, etc. Swamp Sparrow was probably the oddest bird.

Tuesday 5/24: BBN had the usual summer birds. Those include Blue-winged Warbler, turkey, many grosbeaks, Indigo Bunting, etc. Plus Cherry Gall Azure, American Lady, and a few other butterflies.

Wednesday 5/25: BBN again before work. Same as yesterday minus the turkey plus site tick Red-breasted Nuthatch along with Chestnut-sided, Blackpoll, Magnolia, Ovenbird, and Solitary Sandpiper, and a Question Mark. Duck ponds at lunch added Orchard Oriole and first patch odes of the year (many forktails, 1 baskettail, and a tandem pair of green darners).