WIR 5/26-6/1

Thursday 5/26: Forest Grove was pretty quiet, the Flowed Meadow trails are a bit tight for birding and not much was singing. Blackpoll near the yard this morning.

Friday 5/27: Helped with a survey at Habitat in the morning. It was pretty quiet (Black-billed Cuckoo was the most interesting) and it turns out the hummingbird nest in the parking lot is nowhere near my block. Lunch at Prospect Hill greeted me with a really loud Hooded Warbler.

Saturday 5/28: Walked through Lot 1, West Meadow, BBN. Pair of cuckoos below Avalon and lots of butterflies but not much else.

Sunday 5/29: New Salem for the day. No time to look for stuff but heard BT Blue, BT Green, etc and had a Chalk-fronted Corporal. Red-shoulder perched on the side of Rt. 2 was nice.

Monday 5/30: Dunback was too buggy. Arlington Great Meadows was quiet.

Tuesday 5/31: Prospect Hill was quiet. No warbler, no ravens. First Spicebush Swallowtail of the year was it.

Wednesday 6/1: See yesterday but substitute River Walk for Prospect Hill, White-fronted Goose for birds, and Stream Bluet for the bugs.