WIR 6/2-6/8

Thursday 6/2: Rock Meadow survey: BB Cuckoo, BW Warbler, first hummingbird of the year finally. Monarch while mowing the lawn.

Friday 6/3: Habitat survey was pretty quiet but GH Owl and bluebird between points. Went to Great Meadows with Bob after. Got a couple second view of the Least Bittern flying and an Orchard Oriole was new for Great Meadows. Also a cooperative Marsh Wren:



Saturday 6/4: Ended up with a long walk around Prospect Hill. Tracked down John Hines’s Canada and Mourning Warblers (Mourning #194) and had several redstarts, a black-throated green (in my block?), 2 Black-billed Cuckoos, and a nice variety of butterflies and dragonflies including Dusted Skipper and presumed Swamp Darner.



Sunday 6/5: Great Meadows

Monday 6/6: Paine: Hummer, Hairy carrying food, most of the expected summer stuff. Lots of butterflies.

Tuesday 6/7: Minuteman survey. Turkey and I think Yellow-billed Cuckoo were new, the rest was hampered by loud traffic (at 5:30AM!) and then crows mobbing me.

Wednesday 6/8: Charles was pretty quiet. Lots of Prince Baskettails and a few Orange Bluets.