WIR 6/9-6/15

Thursday 6/9: Rock Meadow survey. Rained heavily.

Friday 6/10: Habitat survey, about the same. Stopped at BBN on the way home. No luck with cuckoos but a Black-and-white was singing.

Saturday 6/11: Started at AGM where it was raining too heavily. Moved on to the Mary Cummings estate where I got the Alder Flycatcher that’s been around with relative ease (other than walking through thigh-high soaking wet grass). Also several Blue-wings here. Stopped at Paine on the way home, lots of young robins and Chipping Sparrows but not much else.

Sunday 6/12: Went to Great Meadows eventually. Good view of the moorhen but not much else.

Monday 6/13: Prospect Hill, bumped BT Green to Probable for Maynard 12 and added it as Possible for Boston North 3.

Tuesday 6/14: Hardy Pond had very little (but I looked very little).

Wednesday 6/15: Moody St to Prospect St was pretty quiet. Still 3 species of gulls hanging around but not much else.