WIR 7/27-8/2

Wednesday 7/27: Paine was pretty quiet (other than people).

Thursday 7/28: Purgatory Cove had a bunch of herons including 4+ Green and a Black-crowned Night. A few shorebirds included a Least. Probably more if I had time to go through them properly.

Friday 7/29: Prospect Hill back side had nothing different.

Saturday 7/30: Went to Beaver Brook. Reidentified the waterthrush as a Louisiana! Also Rose-breasted Grosbeak.


Sunday 7/31: Started at Great Meadows which was as quiet as I’ve seen it lately (no Least, 1 Solitary). Did have a couple Green Heron and a decent raptor show. Cambridge Res had 1 Least, 1 Spotted, 1 Solitary. Purgatory Cove had some apparent Vesper Bluets but not much else (that I could see, something occasionally popped up from the behind the vegetation for a split second). Quick stop at Moody St added Great Black-backed Gull to the month list.

Monday 8/1: Paine was fairly quiet. Wood Thrush, House Wren, and Epione Underwing moth were highlights.

Tuesday 8/2: BBN was very quiet.