WIR 7/20-7/26

Wednesday 7/20: Back side of Prospect Hill. Pretty much the usual. First Autumn Meadowhawk of the year.

Thursday 7/21: Duck ponds in the heat. Started with a Green Heron on the left pond. Scan across the right and see what appears to be a merganser. Worked over that way and found 2 juvenal Hooded Mergansers among the Mallards! Although I initially thought they were possible breeders here, I had long given up on the idea. While trying to get a photo of them (not worth showing), a Northern Waterthrush popped up behind me (first southbound one in the state?). After finishing with the mergansers, I scanned a bit more and came up with a Solitary and a Spotted Sandpiper. Not bad at all.

Friday 7/22: Too hot. Out to Ethan’s after work where I caught a couple Clamp-tipped Emeralds.

Saturday 7/23: Eventually got out after the rain stopped. Tully Lake had a few odes including several Dragonhunters. Lots of butterflies at Joe’s. Back at Ethan’s, a female American Emerald was cruising around but not much else.

Sunday 7/24: Great Meadows in the morning: several Solitary and Least Sandpipers, 2 Great Egret, Green Heron, kestrel, etc. Tried to look for the mergansers again on the way home but there were too many cars to park.

Monday 7/25: Didn’t get out.

Tuesday 7/26: Duck ponds again, pretty much the same (minus 1 merganser and Solitary Sandpiper). Went back in the afternoon as the waterthrush looked pretty white but called like a Northern. Merganser was more cooperative as well.

Hoodie and Mallard