WIR 8/10-8/16

Wednesday 8/10: Paine was quiet, although I only worked the downhill portion for a change,

Thursday 8/11: Walked through Forest Grove with next to nothing. Took a couple seconds to scan Purgatory Cove on the way out and had 2 Solitary and 3 Least Sandpipers along with a Great Egret. Should have spent all my time there.

Friday 8/12: BBN, ended up chasing dragonflies. Caught a female Clamp-tipped Emerald, saw a few more emeralds, an Aeshna, a Common Green Darner, and probably a Dragonhunter.

Saturday 8/13: South Beach

Sunday 8/14: Still sore from yesterday but a quick run to north end of the Cambridge Res and Purgatory Cove didn’t have anything new at either.

Monday 8/15: Hoped for storm blown birds at Hardy Pond and the Cambridge Res. Found a bunch of cormorants and not much else.

Tuesday 8/16: Prospect Hill: Red-eyed Vireo, Redstart, Canada Warbler, 1-2 Chestnut-sided, 1-2 Pine. Also a probable Broad-wing down the street before work.