WIR 8/24-8/30

Wednesday 8/24: Pretty much nothing. Missed one nighthawk over the yard.

Thursday 8/25: BBN was very quiet.

Friday 8/26: Canada, Magnolia, 4+ Redstarts at Prospect Hill. About 6 nighthawks over the yard plus many Chimney Swifts way up high.

Saturday 8/27: Went out with the Athol Bird and Nature Club. Once the sun came out, we got a few dragonflies including a good number of American Rubyspots and two Arrow Clubtails. Rubyspot appears to be ode #100 for me in MA.

Sunday 8/28: Did not find any hurricane-related birds on Hardy Pond (Bank Swallow was decent but wouldn’t cooperate and get on the yard list).

Monday 8/29: Started with an early check of various water without finding much (missed eagle, greater yellowlegs, etc at Cambridge Res). Got to work and no power, come back at noon. Ran to Purgatory Cove where there were a bunch of shorebirds including a Semipalmated Sandpiper among the Leasts. Several hawks bothering them including a big Cooper’s and a possible Red-shouldered. Got a phone call saying no work for the day, so headed out again and checked the Mystic Lakes (1 Least Sandpiper).

Tuesday 8/30: Still no power at work, so hit Dunback. First of fall Blackpoll and Prairie Warblers were good but the highlight was a Northern Waterthrush that chased a robin across the large field. Power restored, but I ran to the duck ponds at lunch and found them draining rapidly, apparently from hurricane damage. Hopefully good shorebirds soon.


2 thoughts on “WIR 8/24-8/30”

  1. Thanks for the help Jason.
    If you find yourself off work for much longer, I am very needy and have plenty more IDs pending.
    I have just been butterflying for the first time and am currently exploring the brave new world of blues and browns.

    1. Whoops, should check comments more often.
      Blues and browns are generally beyond me but I’m happy to take a look at anything.

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