WIR 11/9-11/15

Wednesday 11/9: Rock Meadow had nothing exciting.

Thursday 11/10: Common Merganser, couple Hoodies, few Ruddy at Hardy Pond. More Ruddy and Hoodie at Cambridge Res.

Friday 11/11: Checked a few ponds midmorning. North end of the Cambridge Res had Hooded Mergansers. Flint’s Pond had Common Goldeneye, Bufflehead, and mergansers. Cambridge Res had a Long-tailed Duck (197), Hooded Mergansers, and the flock of coots. Hardy Pond had more mergansers, ruddy, and a cormorant.

Saturday 11/12: Fresh Pond for the easy Canvasback year tick, plus many Ring-neck, Ruddy, and coot. Also a loon but not much else. Purgatory Cove: 8 GW Teal was in the corner, 2 Wood Duck (another on the river), few coots, wigeon on the river. Many meadowhawks in the woods. Charlesbank had 50+ coot and a cormorant.

Sunday 11/13: Started with the MBC trip to Arlington Res. Red Fox, nice snipe, about the usual. On to Waltham St (couple Tree Sparrows and nothing else), UMass Field Station (Song Sparrows, geese, juncos), and Gore Place (sulphurs, no birds). Evening walk turned up the best thing of the day with a Flying Squirrel outside the door.

Flying Squirrel

Monday 11/14: Green darners and not much else at BBN.

Tuesday 11/15: Nothing at the duck ponds beyond a couple Autumn Meadowhawks.