WIR 12/14-12/20

Wednesday 12/14: Moody St had lots of Ring-bills, geese, and mallards. Four Hoodies were about it for anything of interest.

Thursday 12/15: Hardy Pond. Wind was away from the pond, so able to scope fairly comfortably. Among the 34 Ruddies and 9 Common Mergansers was an apparent Red-breasted Merganser (would have liked a bit closer look to be really sure).

Friday 12/16: Paine. Too windy for much, but did find 2 Hermit Thrushes.

Saturday 12/17: Some CBC scouting. 8 Red-wings and a bluebird at BBN, Iceland Gull on the Charles. Quick check of the river at Purgatory Cove had 4 Gadwall (2 cormorants at the boat ramp) plus many coots and a grebe still at Charlesbank.

Sunday 12/18: CBC

Monday 12/19: Went to duck ponds but they looked frozen and it was windy and cold. Geese all over Concord Ave but didn’t stop to check them.

Tuesday 12/20: Hardy Pond on the way to work, pretty frozen but the ducks (mergansers, ruddies, wigeon, etc) all remained. Walked Concord Ave at lunch but couldn’t find any geese (and looped past Fernald and Warren field as well on the way back).