WIR 12/21-12/27

Wednesday 12/21: Hardy Pond had very little. Cambridge Res had a ton of Hoodies along with Wigeon, Ruddy, Black Duck, Mallard, and Common Mergansers. Squirrel came back for the first time in a few weeks.

Thursday 12/22: BBN had a flicker, 3 red-wings (should have walked that part Sunday I guess) and a ton of robins and juncos.

Friday 12/23: Lyman Pond: 75 geese, 5 swans, 12 mallard.

Saturday 12/24: Looked for the Snowy Owl in Everett without any luck.

Sunday 12/25: Didn’t go out.

Monday 12/26: Tracked down a Redhead in Framingham thanks to a tip from John Hines. Cruised past Heard Pond and Nine Acre Corner on the way back without seeing much. Also stopped at Lindentree Farm and found the bluebirds but nothing else. Afternoon walk along the Charles had 2 Ring-necks.

Tuesday 12/27: Moody St had the most gulls I’ve seen yet this season. About 110 Ring-billed, 16 Herring, 1 Great Black-backed, and the same Iceland. Not much else.