WIR 2/15-2/21

Wednesday 2/15: Duck ponds had lots of the usual.

Thursday 2/16: Woodpeckers, robins, and juncos at BBN.

Friday 2/17: Purgatory Cove: a few Ring-necks were joined by a Greater Scaup (Charles #131), plus various mergansers. No good gulls though.

Saturday 2/18: Towhee, also the usual Cape Ann stuff.

Sunday 2/19: Walked BBN. Nothing much at Lot 1 (except first of year for the patch Herring and Great Black-backed Gulls). Grackle flew over the boardwalk. Not much more at the Met State side. No wigeon on Hardy Pond late in the afternoon. Making this a nature post and not a birding one, first chipmunk of the year.

Monday 2/20: Cold and windy. Nothing at Hardy Pond or Waltham St.

Tuesday 2/21: Duck ponds were very quiet.