WIR 2/29-3/6

Wednesday 2/29: Nothing at Paine. Luckily, I stopped at the field station on the way and got 4 Killdeer without even having to stop the car. Needed the extra day, but that’s 70 for the winter list.

Thursday 3/1: Snow had changed to rain at lunch so ran to Purgatory Cove. One ring-neck on the cove, 14 more near Edgewater (and easier to see from there). While driving over, quick scan from Charlesbank had another Ring-neck plus about 50 coots. Not surprisingly with the snow, White-throat and Song Sparrow back in the yard.

Friday 3/2: River walk was as dead as I’ve ever seen it. Heard a Killdeer and there was a grackle in the big sycamore but otherwise nothing.

Saturday 3/3: Indoors at the Birder’s Meeting all day.

Sunday 3/4: Wandered BBN a bit. Started on Concord Ave, where there were Red-wings all over, plus a few Hoodies on the golf course. Two flyover Common Mergansers were a patch tick. Found a (or the) Swamp Sparrow at the West Meadow. A creeper and 2 possible Winter Wrens were about it at Met State, but 2 bluebirds were flying around Concord Ave getting back to the car. A quick stop at the duck ponds had very little.

Monday 3/5: Forest Grove: Killdeer, blackbirds, Common Mergansers. Turkey Vulture over downtown.

Tuesday 3/6: Prospect Hill was rather icy so just hung around the base watching mostly robins. Skunk cabbage coming up.