WIR 3/14-3/20

Wednesday 3/14: Pair of Wood Ducks at the duck ponds.

Thursday 3/15: Blackbirds, blackbirds, and blackbirds at Rock Meadow.

Friday 3/16: Wood Ducks at Paine.

Saturday 3/17: Joined the MBC walk at Horn Pond. Singing Fox Sparrow was the highlight. Stopped after for mm and mmm.

Sunday 3/18: Started at Waltham St. (snipe) and Dunback (singing creeper, phoebe, Mourning Cloak, missed 2 Fox Sparrows). Midmorning walk at Great Meadows had a shoveler, lots of ring-necks, coots, and pied-billed grebes but no Barrow’s. After lunch a quick trip out to the Rt. 20 bridge failed to find a second Barrow’s but did get first Tree Swallows of the year. Not much at Heard Pond or Cambridge Res. Only a handful of woodcock at Lot 1 in the evening but a bat was very nice.


Monday 3/19: BBN was fairly quiet. Phoebe and Mourning Cloak were about it. Missed an eagle at home.

Tuesday 3/20: Rock Meadow had Tree Swallows and people.