WIR 5/9-5/15

Wednesday 5/9: Duck ponds had lots of orioles, grosbeaks, and catbirds but no warblers.

Thursday 5/10: Spent most of lunch at BBN chasing down a 4 parted warbler song and finally found it to be from a Blue-winged. Quick run through the rest added Black-and-white and 3 Solitary Sandpipers plus Red Admirals and Question Marks everywhere (3 admirals in the yard as well).

Friday 5/11: Paine was fairly quiet but did have Red-eyed Vireo,Black-throated Blue, Parula, and Indigo Bunting. Also Great Crested Flycatcher walking into work.

Saturday 5/12: MBC Big Day. Reached 100 (plus a Harvester), maybe more later.

Horn Pond Worm-eating Warbler


Tiny Muskrat

Sunday 5/13: BBC at Mt. Auburn: Tennessee, Wilson’s among 15ish warblers plus my first Bobolinks for Mt. Auburn. Parula and Black-and-white at Hardy Pond.

Monday 5/14: Flowed Meadow had a Northern Waterthrush (new for me along the Charles) plus a couple other warblers. Unfortunately it also had a flood by the bridge, so I had to turn around and jog back instead of make a full loop.

Tuesday 5/15: BBN: Indigo Bunting, couple redstarts, first Whitetail and Little Wood Satyrs of the year.