WIR 6/13-6/19

Wednesday 6/13: Nothing at Hardy Pond or the res.

Thursday 6/14: Aurora Damsel at BBN, plus the Field Sparrow was finally singing.

Friday 6/15: 35+ Wood Ducks, BC Night-Heron at Purgatory Cove.

Saturday 6/16: Up to Vermont for a short weekend (via New Salem, Luna Moth there). Lincoln’s Sparrow in my uncle’s yard was the best thing there. Drove to Mud Pond in NH but nothing exciting.




Sunday 6/17: Took forever to get going, went to a private lake with minimal access in NH, then back to New Salem. Family of tanagers working the yard was nice.

Monday 6/18: Wandered Ethan’s area a bit then gate 22. Blackburnian topped the warblers, which also included Chestnut-sided, Redstart, BT Blue, BT Green, etc. Huge eagle and a loon at the water, a few thrushes and vireos, and that was about it.

Tuesday 6/19: Usual at Rock Meadow.