WIR 6/6-6/12

Wednesday 6/6: Habitat survey again. Nothing unexpected but at least there were birds this time. BBN at lunch, looped the parkway. Couple Indigo Buntings and Tree Swallows that looked interested in one of the dead trees were the highlights.

Thursday 6/7: Final Rock Meadow survey, more of the same more or less. Phoebe with 2 cowbird chicks was the most interesting. Night-heron among the usuals along the Charles at lunch.

Friday 6/8: BBN again, Painted Skimmer was the only thing different.

Saturday 6/9: Lazy.

Sunday 6/10: Did my Minuteman survey finally. Two Red-breasted Nuthatches (where did they come from?) and a Veery were new for the survey. Numbers of the usual stuff probably a bit down, but it was on the late side this year. GPS points and new signs made it much easier to run.

Monday 6/11: Quiet at Prospect Hill. Another Swamp Darner and one of those extra dull Pine Warblers were about it.

Tuesday 6/12: Nothing too exciting at the duck ponds. First of year Clamp-tipped Emerald was the main highlight.