DSA 2012 Day 3

Friday 5/4: Today started at Cheraw State Park, about 40 minutes from the hotel. It was a bit cloudy when we arrived and slow to start. Working the lake shore, we found a few Blue Corporals and I got a quick look at a Banded Pennant. 

Further down, there were a few Gomphids. I wandered down the shaded stream a bit and saw some jewelwings but not much else. A few of us wandered down the road and then decided it would be faster to make a full circle instead of turning around. Turns out it was much longer (and other than a Yellow-throated Warbler outside the park there was nothing of interest).

Rejoining everyone, I fished a pair of Cypress Clubtails out of the water. Others had a couple other species that I wanted to see but I never caught up with any. Wandering back, Burgandy and Sandhill Bluets were visible.

Burgandy Bluet

Sandhills Bluet

We then broke off for lunch, finding a diner nearby. Fairly good and the break was nice.

The next stop was the nearby Cambell Lake. There were a few things along the main shore, although nothing too exciting. Others reported some good things in a clear cut a few feet up the road, so I headed over. It was pretty rough walking (lots of branches and lots of mucky spots) and I had no luck finding the rarer things (the main group of people here were the westerners who were excited by all the common stuff).

We then headed back to the hotel for an hour or two. I ran out to a CVS to get some first aid supplies as the chiggers had found me quite tasty.

We then regrouped and headed to Lynches River County Park for the evening barbecue. Food was good, conversation was good. I arranged a ride back with Dan and stayed for the shadowdragon hunting. Unfortunately we didn’t find many and all the ones caught were still Umber (although one other came in to a blacklight).