WIR 5/30-6/5

Wednesday 5/30: Ruddy Duck still at Hardy Pond. Purgatory Cove had the usual suspects.

Thursday 5/31: Killdeer, 2-3 herons, Tree Swallows, pewee all a bit unexpected at the duck ponds (emphasis on bit).

Friday 6/1: Slope at Prospect Hill had very few birds. However, Silver-spotted and Dusted Skippers, Wild Indigo Duskywing, Prince Baskettail, Painted and Twelve-spotted Skimmers, Black Saddlebags, and Swamp Darner were all first of year bugs. Swamp Darner is also my first recorded one in Mass, although I’ve seen several way up that I haven’t been quite convinced about.

Prospect Hill Swamp Darner

Saturday 6/2: ‘Led’ a BBC/MBC trip to Great Meadows. Since it was pouring, only one person showed up and we scanned for no more than 10 minutes from the tower before bailing.

Sunday 6/3: Tried Great Meadows again. Most of the usual but no luck with Least Bittern and gallinule.

Monday 6/4: Habitat survey in the rain was not exactly fun. One possible creeper. Hardy Pond and Cambridge Res had nothing of note.

Tuesday 6/5: Rock Meadow survey had the usual. Blue-winged Warbler and Willow Flycatcher were new from the previous one. Young Barn Swallows at the duck ponds.