WIR 7/3-7/9

Wednesday 7/3: Did a loop from Farm Meadow. Bobolinks, Winter Wren, FOY Halloween Pennants, not too much else.

Thursday 7/4: Did a Worcester county loop. Bolton Flats was mostly overgrown, Marsh Wren, swallows, YT Vireo. Pine Hill had good numbers of Grasshopper Sparrows but no luck with Vesper. Family of loons at Rainbow Cove at Wachusett. Sawyer Bluff had a few more things including a few odes and robbers. Ended up boosting my July Worcester list from 11(!) to 60.

Friday 7/5: Not sure where the rain came from, but Great Meadows was the plan anyway. Started with a Pileated, then a Virginia Rail on the path. Turned around and there were 3 Mink running behind me. Went down to the river and most of the way back without much else, but there was another rail in the open by the benches. Which I realized after a second was a Sora. It was barely concerned with me and was wandering around for several minutes.

Saturday 7/6: Butterfly count was canceled but did a quick check of the res and Flint’s/Hardy to/from while making the decision. Nothing worth noting.

Sunday 7/7: Started at Vietnam Veteran’s Park in Billerica. Flushed a woodcock while poking along the edge of the pond, quite a bit at the pond, then (accidentally) took a long walk in the woods and had very little. Ode walk at the Cranberry Bog had Mocha Emerald, Swamp Darner, and low numbers of the usual. Also Virginia Rails, Gray Hairstreak, and an interesting fly or two.

Monday 7/8: Lots of Clamp-tipped Emeralds at Dunback, not too much else.

Tuesday 7/9: Got the expected stuff at Hanscom including Black-and-white, Prairie, Field Sparrow, towhees, redstart, etc.

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