WIR 8/1-8/7

Wednesday 8/1: Duck ponds, water levels up again. One Solitary, one Fawn Darner.

Thursday 8/2: North end of the Cambridge Res was pretty much the same as it has been.

Friday 8/3: Few Least and a Spotted Sandpiper at Purgatory Cove. Only 2 Wood Duck.

Saturday 8/4: Rock Meadow: buckeye, hummingbird, most of the usual. BBN had a first of fall redstart (although it could be local) and more of the same. Duck ponds were pretty much the same as Wednesday with a bit more mud.


Sunday 8/5: North end of Cambridge Res in the afternoon was hot. Usual peeps and plovers (decent number of juv Least) but no yellowlegs or anything new.

Monday 8/6: Prospect Hill: hummingbird, family (presumably) of Great Crested Flycatchers.

Tuesday 8/7: Finally got a Giant Swallowtail (been a huge invasion this year) at BBN. First Black-and-white of the fall was singing but otherwise birds were quiet. Besides the swallowtail added Painted Lady and Appalachian Brown for the patch year list as well as the first Autumn Meadowhawk of the year.