WIR 7/25-7/31

Wednesday 7/25: BBN was pretty quiet. First of year Band-winged Meadowhawk plus another Mocha Emerald and Painted Skimmer were about it (Warbling Vireo may or may not have been wandering).

Thursday 7/26: Finally found a migrant waterthrush (Northern) at the duck ponds but otherwise very quiet. Still lots of mud and still nothing on them (beyond a rabbit and a robin).

Friday 7/27: North end of Cambridge Res: 3 Semipalmated Plover, Pectoral, 3 Semipalmated, many Least Sandpipers, Great Egret.

Saturday 7/28: Eventually wandered back to the Cambridge Res. Pretty much the same with a Greater Yellowlegs replacing the Pectoral. Stopped at the duck ponds on the way back and found 3 Solitary Sandpipers, along with a (probably another) waterthrush.

Sunday 7/29: With nothing better to do, Cambridge Res again. Started at the south end, where an adult Bald Eagle was sitting on the shore. North end was almost the same as yesterday, with a Lesser Yellowlegs being an addition. Wandered over to Great Meadows in the afternoon, got the Whistling-Duck for the second half of July but otherwise very little. Ran into Bob there and we went back to the Cambridge Res and had basically the same birds (unfortunately the raven Bob had there earlier didn’t return). Also saw the Hardy Pond egret moving from rock to rock before I left (on the yard list).

Monday 7/30: Nothing much at BBN (mostly along the parkway). Good stuff down the street though with 4 Green Herons on the morning walk and a presumed Cooper’s in the afternoon.

Tuesday 7/31: Pretty much the usual at Rock Meadow although no bluebirds. Phoebe down the street in the morning (did hear it yesterday but saw it today).