WIR 7/18-7/24

Wednesday 7/18: Quiet (as expected) at Paine.

Thursday 7/19: The usual at BBN. Good numbers of butterflies. Big swarm of mostly Spot-winged Gliders around the neighborhood in the afternoon.

Friday 7/20: Parents found an egret on Hardy Pond, so made a quick stop there at lunch to pick it up. Headed to the north end of the Cambridge Res, where there were a couple Least Sandpipers, my first Solitary Sandpiper of the fall, and several Spotted Sandpipers. Found the egret again in the evening but couldn’t get it onto the yard year list.

Saturday 7/21: Started at Dunback, which had the usual. North end of Cambridge Res again after, where there were more Least Sandpipers but otherwise the same (did confirm the Ring-billed Gull as a juv).

Sunday 7/22: BBN and West Meadow to start. Birds were slow but bugs were good with patch tick Broad-winged Skipper and Swamp Darner. Also pulled out the net and chased some of the Somatochloras on Turner Field, getting a couple Clamp-tipped and a Mocha Emerald. Mink ran in front of me on the way out too. Quick check of the duck ponds had very little.



Monday 7/23: Purgatory Cove had nothing different.

Tuesday 7/24: Prospect Hill: very distant kestrel was it for birds. Lots of Wild Indigo Duskywings and Northern Broken-Dashes, plus a Spinylegs eating a still fluttering whitetail.