WIR 7/11-7/17

Wednesday 7/11: Duck ponds were pretty quiet. Mud growing but only a Killdeer.

Thursday 7/12: Found something. North end of the Cambridge Res had a Spotted Sandpiper family and not much else.

Friday 7/13: Not much at Purgatory Cove.

Saturday 7/14: Concord 4th of July Butterfly Count. May post more eventually but decent numbers of mostly the usual butterflies. Not a whole lot for other insects (although a ton of Cicada Killers was nice) and quiet for birds. We did end the day with three or four Osprey flying to and from the nest in West Concord.

Sunday 7/15: Refound something.

Monday 7/16: Nothing at the duck ponds. Killdeer flew over the yard.

Tuesday 7/17: Charles: Powdered Dancer was about it. Lots of Blue-fronted as well but not much for birds or butterflies.