WIR 9/26-10/2

Wednesday 9/26: Nothing doing.

Thursday 9/27: BBN and West Meadow before work, nothing too interesting. Same teal and not much else at Purgatory Cove later. BBC/MBC trip to Great Meadows in the evening had a nice duck flight plus good numbers of herons and shorebirds.

Friday 9/28: Hardy Pond: 2 Ring-necks, 6 Ruddy. Very surprising Horned Grebe at the Cambridge Res. Not up for searching Bird Observer records, but only one other inland September record in eBird (from the Quabbin earlier this year). Lovely phone-scoped photo in the rain:

Horned Grebe

Saturday 9/29: No Horned Grebe, but 2 Pied-billeds on the res, another at Hardy Pond, and a Common Loon at Flint’s. Great Cormorant at Arlington Res. Also some sparrows.

Great Cormorant, Arlington Res

Sunday 9/30: Original plan was to check School St fields in Acton and then Meriam’s Corner and nearby areas. It started raining on the way, so after seeing nothing at the fields, I went to Great Meadows instead. Wasn’t too much unusual there, but a swift and swallow flock flew in and there was a BT Green down near the river (which was new for me at Great Meadows). Started raining heavily again, so I went home instead of over to the fields.

Monday 10/1: Duck ponds were quiet in the wind. Lots of Wood Ducks and robins but little else. Yellow-rumps and stuff around the neighborhood.

Tuesday 10/2: Joined the MBC trip to Rock Meadow for a few minutes in the morning. Pipits were very nice but I couldn’t stay long enough for the sapsucker. Turkeys, a Gray Hairstreak, and first Ruby-crowned Kinglet of the fall at Prospect Hill made for an ok trip but then a spectacular Connecticut Warbler popped up.