WIR 11/7-11/13

Wednesday 11/7: Nasty out. Coot at Hardy Pond and 5 more at Cambridge Res but not much else.

Thursday 11/8: Repeat of yesterday except 2 Horned Grebes and some wigeon at the res (and no coots).

Friday 11/9: Canon decided to ship my lens back without requiring a signature, so ran home to get that off the front step, but had enough time to hit Lot 1 quickly, although nothing of note.

Saturday 11/10: Waltham St: 10 pipits, 3 Killdeer. Then joined the MBC trip at Dunback where there were 10-15 Fox Sparrows (minimum), although not too much else. A few of us continued to Winning Farm where we picked up a Field Sparrow, sapsucker, and noisy Winter Wren. Headed towards School St. fields after that with a brief stop at the north end of the Cambridge Res (mergansers, a Bufflehead, etc). Lots of pipits and probably some larks plus a Cooper’s grabbing one of the pigeon flock.

Sunday 11/11: Started at the field station where there were pipits but no lapwing. BBN had bluebirds and a couple Fox Sparrows. Nothing at Waltham St. School St. was busy with pipits and Horned Larks, but the real surprise was a bittern that flew over. A Peregrine Falcon was pretty good too. Nine Acre Corner, Lindentree, and the Cambridge Res had very little.


Monday 11/12: Chased lapwing. Saw 2. Went looking for my own later and saw 3 redpolls in Concord. Also had a meadowhawk or two.

Tuesday 11/13: Checked out the Moody St section of the Charles where a Cackling Goose had been reported. No luck with that but an Iceland Gull was a good surprise.