WIR 11/29-12/4

Wednesday 11/28: Didn’t get out other than a brief stop at Hardy Pond which appeared to have the same Ruddy/Hooded Merganser flock (scope still packed).

Thursday 11/29: Prospect Hill: Pileated and a bunch of redpolls.

Friday 11/30: Common Mergansers at Hardy. Hermit Thrush at BBN, Red-wing at West Meadow.

Saturday 12/1: Cambridge Res: 4 Greater Scaup, 1 Wigeon, various mergansers, Ring-necks, etc. Eagle nice and close. Dunback was quiet. A few larks but not many geese at School St (they were all in the unscanable side field at the prison). More geese along Sudbury Rd and Nine Acre Corner but nothing good. No chat at Drumlin. More of the same ducks at Flint’s. 

Sunday 12/2: Walked to BBN. Winter Wren at Lot 1 and a Swamp Sparrow at the West Meadow was it for the first couple hours. Walked up to Gaebler, mostly hoping for finches on the way but no luck with that. However, a Yellow-rump near the Blue-wing spot was a nice start. Reaching field itself, I found it loaded with birds. Mostly juncos and goldfinches but several flickers, tree sparrows, and a Fox Sparrow. Back down to the parkway, where I stopped for a Red-breasted Nuthatch and immediately heard a catbird behind me. After doubling back for that, I found 2 Rusty Blackbirds a few feet further. No sign of the Hermit Thrush but another big flock of juncos and tree sparrows at the basketball court.



Rest of the loop back was pretty slow. Afternoon walk over to Hardy Pond found the usual mergansers and stuff plus a nice Cooper’s.

Monday 12/3: Moody to Prospect St was pretty quiet. One bird in the fruit trees: a robin. A cormorant on the concrete blocks looked interesting but it was just a Double-crested.

Tuesday 12/4: River walk was dead.