WIR 1/2-1/8

Wednesday 1/2: River walk: coot, Bufflehead, few mergansers. Flock of finches was very interesting but got away.

Thursday 1/3: Woerd Ave: 100+ Ring-billed Gulls, mallards, geese. Moody St: same plus a few Herring Gulls.

Friday 1/4: Planned on Cambridge Res but decided it was best to avoid that, so went to Prospect Hill instead. The helicopters at the res were rather loud and I didn’t find much.

Saturday 1/5: Hit the Charles pretty hard. Started at Forest Grove where a Swamp Sparrow popped up by the pump house. Little bit of open water had lots of coots, a Ring-neck, and a Ruddy. Probably more that I couldn’t see. Creeper along the edge of Purgatory Cove was an overdue tick on the Charles (wish the thing that sounded like a pipit going over circled or something). Iceland Gull at Moody St along with a distant falcon. Mergansers and 15 Ring-necks behind Shaw’s and not much at Watertown Square rounded out the morning with 40 species. 



Cambridge Res in the afternoon, hoping for an eagle or raven on a carcass. No carcass but an eagle flew over 128 as we arrived and there was a bit of open water with some scaup, Ring-necks, Ruddy, mergansers, and a Bufflehead.

Sunday 1/6: Fresh Pond had continuing everything except Redhead plus a Peregrine on the ice. The loon looked to be in bad shape, although I see later reports of it swimming so it might be ok. Spy Pond quickly had nothing and then the Mystic Lakes. Sandy Beach was quiet. I then walked from the few parking spots on the parkway down by the rotary up to the boat club. Two Pied-billed Grebes, a Red-breasted Mergansers, Great Cormorant, and 2 Greater Scaup were highlights. And a quick stop at Dunback on the way home turned up another Rusty Blackbird.




Monday 1/7: Nothing doing at the duck ponds.

Tuesday 1/8: Not much at West Meadow.