WIR 1/9-1/15

Wednesday 1/9: 250 Mallards, 100 geese, 35 coots, 25 black duck, a Pied-billed Grebe, and a Golden-crowned Kinglet off Forest Grove and Purgatory Cove.

Thursday 1/10: River walk had nothing different.

Friday 1/11: Only had time for a quick stop at the Woerd Ave boat ramp, a few Ring-necks and Hoodies were it.

Saturday 1/12: No good gulls at Moody St. Purgatory Cove: 3 Ruddy, more of the same. No coots. Forest Grove: Hairy, nothing else of interest. About 11 coots at Norumbega, Charlesbank still frozen. Cambridge Res fogged in (plus I dropped the eyepiece to the scope and wouldn’t have been able to scan anyway).

Sunday 1/13: Walked to Lot 1, West Meadow, and down the parkway. Two bluebirds, 3 deer, not much else.

Monday 1/14: Nothing out of the ordinary at Rock Meadow (although I thought I heard one peep of a peeper).

Tuesday 1/15: Quick run around Moody St had a Bufflehead and an interesting 1st year gull that I need to see again.