WIR 3/6-3/12

Wednesday 3/6: Too nasty for much at the duck ponds.

Thursday 3/7: If it wasn’t snowing and blasting wind (and if I had my camera), good photo ops of Common Mergansers at Hardy Pond. Not much visible at the res.

Friday 3/8: Yeah right.

Saturday 3/9: Started at Waltham St, which was fairly quiet (GB Heron was about it) to start. On the way out, some movement above the stream caught my attention and after going through a bunch of sparrows and redpoll I realized it was a Yellow-rump! On to Dunback, which was quiet and then the Cambridge Res, which had about the same as last week (no RB Mergansers and fewer Ring-necks and scaup).


Sunday 3/10: Started at Horn Pond where there wasn’t much different (cowbird, Red-bellied, and a kingfisher were probably the only ones that haven’t been yard birds this year). Tried to check Spy Pond, but it was busy and there was nowhere to park. Cambridge Res again finally had the flock in fairly close. More scaup today including a Lesser or two. Hardy Pond was basically frozen. Checked email and after a stop for lunch at home, up to Gloucester.

Monday 3/11: Forest Grove about as normal. Lots of tree sparrows (singing?) were slightly different and grackles (finally) pushed me over 50% of my target for the river this year.

Tuesday 3/12: Killdeer at the river walk along with the 2 scaup.