WIR 3/13-3/19

Wednesday 3/13: Waded to the West Meadow boardwalk and didn’t see much. Peepers calling when I left work.

Thursday 3/14: Fox Sparrow (or two or four) at Rock Meadow.

Friday 3/15: Too cold and windy to get out of the car at Purgatory Cove, so checked Norumbega and Charlesbank too without seeing much.

Saturday 3/16: Birder’s Meeting all day.

Sunday 3/17: Ravens and Tree Swallows at a variety of stops. Merlin flew and landed in the yard as I got home. Should have a Fieldfare here but…


Monday 3/18: Got it today instead. Lot 1 earlier had nothing of any note.

Tuesday 3/19: Little too stormy. Busy yard, although nothing exciting.