WIR 3/20-3/26

Wednesday 3/20: River walk: Great Cormorant still in place, a Turkey Vulture over the Shaw’s lot, and a nice male Red-breasted Merganser by the second overlook.

Thursday 3/21: Rock Meadow was pretty quiet.

Friday 3/22: Forest Grove was fairly quiet. Even though I hadn’t seen anything driving in, a quick check of Purgatory Cove had a good bit including 4 Green-winged Teal, 3+ Wood Duck, and 3 Ring-necks. Common Mergansers and Bufflehead on the river.

Saturday 3/23: Rather cold and windy, so lots of stops weren’t productive. Main highlights were Killdeer at Dunback and Waltham St.

Sunday 3/24: Lindentree was fairly quiet, singing Brown Creeper was nice. Couldn’t find the thing in question in Sudbury again but a nice time. Turkey Vulture over the yard.

Monday 3/25: Wood Ducks at the duck ponds.

Tuesday 3/26: Usual at Purgatory Cove.