WIR 3/27-4/2

Wednesday 3/27: Peepers and turkeys at BBN. Turkey from the office window. Lesser Scaup and decent numbers of other ducks at Hardy.

Thursday 3/28: Redpoll at Rock Meadow.

Friday 3/29: Started with a Fish Crow over the yard. Beaver at Arlington Res, nothing much at Waltham St. Junco at Nobscot showed up after about 2 minutes (more photos/video). Not much in a little bit of driving around. Up to 3 scaup walking over to Hardy.

Probable Pink-sided

Saturday 3/30: Started at Dunback, which was quiet. Ran into Marj and Renee and we checked Waltham St, which was quieter. Quick buzz of Cambridge Res (both ends) didn’t have anything obvious. Great Meadows midday was also quiet, a Tree Swallow or two about it.

Sunday 3/31: Rock Meadow had lots of Tree Swallows and a bluebird. There was a phoebe at the bridge to BBN and another on the water tower, but nothing else of much interest between there, the West Meadow, and Concord Ave. No larks or pipits at School St and no Osprey at Knox Trail. A midafternoon trip to the Cambridge Res was pretty good with a Red-breasted Merganser, lots of scaup, and first of year Double-crested Cormorants.

Monday 4/1: Purgatory Cove and Flowed Meadow were fairly quiet.

Tuesday 4/2: Turkey Vulture and not much else at the duck ponds, nothing new at Hardy.