WIR 4/10-4/16

Wednesday 4/10: Purgatory Cove again, although only briefly as I had to get a tire fixed. About the same as Monday, Palms were up to 4 and there were more Wood Ducks and swallows. Great Meadows in the evening added first of year Barn Swallow and Marsh Wren (finally) plus a harrier.

Thursday 4/11: Duck ponds were fairly quiet beyond odd molting Hooded Mergansers.

Friday 4/12: Shovelers and GW Teal at Norumbega, nothing at the res.

Saturday 4/13: No one (more or less) showed for my walk at Rock Meadow, so after a quick check of the bluebirds I headed to the Cambridge Res. Nothing storm-related and smaller numbers of Aythya. Flint’s Pond was similar. Great Meadows too, although I had a few more swallows, heard a Virginia Rail, and an Osprey.

Sunday 4/14: Walked over to Graverson and Hardy Pond before breakfast, with Lesser Scaup and Ruddies continuing. Arlington Res after that, which had lots of Palm and a couple Yellow-rumps plus another Osprey and first of year Greater Yellowlegs and Ruby-crowned Kinglet. Moved on to Danehy, where I didn’t expect yesterday’s good sparrow given that it was crowded and windy and midday. Had my first Savannah of the year plus a Brown Creeper on the hill, which was rather out of place. Marj called and let me know about a Surf Scoter Norm Levey found on Flint’s Pond, so I headed there instead of the Cambridge Res. It wasn’t obvious from the pull out, so I decided to walk the trails. Got a few ticks but also got the scoter and a Pileated, along with a couple scaup (both species), Wood Duck, and Green-winged Teal. Palms everywhere (if anyone needs a DNA sample, one landed on my hand) plus a singing Ruby-crowned Kinglet too.


Monday 4/15: Purgatory Cove and Forest Grove: more Palms, a Pine or two, a Yellow-rump, singing Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Hermit Thrush (finally), very crested cormorants, etc.

Tuesday 4/16: Cabbage Whites and not much else at the duck ponds.