WIR 7/3-7/9

Wednesday 7/3: Went to Horn Pond Mountain for my hairstreak fix. Found good numbers and everything but Acadian. Also had 2 ravens on one of the towers.


Thursday 7/4: Went to BBN earlyish. Doe and fawn, Scarlet Tanager feeding young (cowbird unfortunately), Orchard Oriole, towhee, Mocha Emeralds, and a Unicorn Clubtail made it worthwhile.

Friday 7/5: Great Meadows had a Unicorn Clubtail. Showed Alan the Squannacook after, it was much more comfortable out there for most of the morning. Highlights included the jewelwing show, a posing Dragonhunter, male and female Eastern Least Clubtails, and a distant Common Sanddragon.

Saturday 7/6: Nothing outdoors.

Sunday 7/7: Eventually wandered to Lone Tree Hill where the humidity and afternoon heat were brutal. Very few butterflies. One Aeshna and a couple Somatochlora had me going back for a net but nothing came close.

Monday 7/8: BBN again. More of the same, lots of Spot-winged Gliders and skippers. Ducks ponds quickly too, nothing exciting there.

Tuesday 7/9: Paine for a change, nothing to say I should go more often.