WIR 6/26-7/2

Wednesday 6/26: Started at Great Meadows, which was hot and quiet. Checked St. Anne’s fields again as I was debating a heard only flycatcher yesterday. Still unsure but likely just a Willow. Flushed a woodcock on the way in though. Another (well likely the same immature) Broad-wing over the yard.

Thursday 6/27: Kestrel and displaying Cooper’s at Dunback (plus a few million mosquitos).

Friday 6/28: People generally require you to do things like lunch on your last day of work.

Saturday 6/29: Long, disappointing day.

Sunday 6/30: Rock Meadow and Lone Tree Hill for bugs mostly. One Somatochlora sp, a few hairstreaks, and an Orchard Oriole.

Monday 7/1: Purgatory Cove had 3 BC Night-Herons and not much else. Lots of mosquitoes at Forest Grove. More night-herons along the river walk plus lots of Powdered and Blue-fronted Dancers.

Tuesday 7/2: Eventually wandered to Prospect Hill for butterflies even though it was still cloudy. Good numbers, although nothing exciting there. One good bird though with a singing Winter Wren down the Pine Ledges Trail. And a very nice dragonfly with a Mocha Emerald landing (picture here if I hadn’t drained my camera battery accidentally overnight). Circled the res on the way home and there was an eagle in the normal tree.