WIR 6/19-6/25

Wednesday 6/19: Spent the day odeing. Started trying to find a good access point for Ashby WMA but gave up and went to Townsend Hill instead. Very quiet there, best things were a couple Petite Emeralds and a Barn Swallow grabbing a Four-spotted Skimmer. Moved on to the Squannacook, which was rather high. Add in that it had clouded over a bit and there wasn’t much around. A few Stream Cruisers, some Racket-tailed Emeralds, and a Hylogomphus sp that got away. On to Arched Bridge in Dunstable, where there wasn’t much at the stream (only 2 jewelwings!). The path out to the quarry was a bit overgrown and it was fairly quiet, although the usual field birds were singing. A very worn elfin on the way out appeared to be an Eastern Pine. A quick run around the Cranberry Bog was very quiet but pushed the day’s total to 38+.

Thursday 6/20: Caught up on paperwork.

Friday 6/21: Baby raccoons and not much else at the duck ponds.

Saturday 6/22 and Sunday 6/23: DSA meeting in CT/RI, will write up something sooner or later.

Monday 6/24: Busy with other stuff.

Tuesday 6/25: Went out to Lincoln and enjoyed lots of Bobolinks at Farm Meadow.