WIR 7/10-7/16

Wednesday 7/10: Checked Hardy Pond and the res but it was too foggy out to see at either. Moved on to Great Meadows where I could see, but the highlight was an all white pigeon. Also made a quick stop at Purgatory Cove in the afternoon, where there were 10 Wood Ducks, 7 swans, and a night-heron.

Thursday 7/11: Got to Prospect Hill just as the rain started. Tanager on the ground was all I managed before it got too heavy. Eagle again at the res.

Friday 7/12: Walked from Rock Meadow through BBN and the West Meadow without seeing much. Quick stop at the duck ponds had a Solitary in the usual corner. The left pond is very low (possibly to fix the walkway) and has potential for shorebirds soon.

Saturday 7/13: Concord Butterfly Count.

Sunday 7/14: Great Meadows early. No repeat of the Whistling-Duck, but a Least Bittern put on a good show.

Monday 7/15: Duck ponds again. Solitary and Spotted plus a deer and a huge snapping turtle.

Tuesday 7/16: Purgatory Cove eventually. Vesper Bluet and Striped Hairstreak.