WIR 7/17-7/23

Wednesday 7/17: Quick walk at BBN didn’t have much. Went back to Purgatory Cove with a camera but no Vespers to photograph.

Thursday 7/18: Prospect Hill had the usual, plus a Swift River Cruiser. Quick stop at the duck ponds had 5 Solitaries.

Friday 7/19: Very quick stop at Hardy Pond, where I picked up about 15 dragonfly exuviae that I may eventually key out. Sat on the deck instead of heading to the Cape for Saturday’s canceled pelagic and added a kestrel to the yard yearlist (and a Red-bellied at the peanut feeder in the morning made for another).

Saturday 7/20: Great Meadows started with 3 Least Bitterns and a Green Heron from the tower. A few shorebirds were around, but none easy to see. Made it down to the river and after dismissing an odd call by the opening to the left as a blackbird, I noticed a Sora standing right there.

Sunday 7/21: Dunback to start. A female kestrel and lots of overgrown paths. Quick check of the duck ponds on the way home added a Killdeer, 2 Least Sandpipers and a Solitary.

Monday 7/22: Mt. Misery to Farm Meadow without much of anything.

Tuesday 7/23: Dodged rain to run to Hardy (1 Herring Gull, a few geese) and the res (eagle, more geese, mallards, and cormorants). Continued to the duck ponds but a landscaping crew was working so didn’t stop.