WIR 7/24-7/30

Wednesday 7/24: Great Meadows to start. A flock of Lesser Yellowlegs briefly touched down but nothing much else. Stopped at the duck ponds and had 6 Leasts.

Thursday 7/25: Duck ponds again: 4 Least, 4 Solitary, 2 Killdeer. Rock Meadow was pretty quiet (as expected with it being 60, cloudy, and windy).

Friday 7/26: Waited out the rain then wandered to the duck ponds again. Rain had refilled them, nothing of note.

Saturday 7/27: Started at Rock Meadow where I finally got a local Willow Flycatcher for the year. Walked through there and BBN without much else. Stopped at the duck ponds yet again on the way home, about halfway down and with 3 Least Sandpipers. New Salem in the afternoon. Only took a short walk, but came across a family of Ruffed Grouse (no camera unfortunately, although I was close enough to being attacked that I doubt I would have gotten any good shots).

Sunday 7/28: Great Meadows: Caught up with a Great Egret and a BW Teal finally, not much else.

Monday 7/29: Purgatory Cove was quiet. Couple Leasts in a two minute stop at the duck ponds.

Tuesday 7/30: Started at Cat Rock Park where I had a Pileated, Marsh Wren, and pair of bluebirds. Six ravens on the tower at Prospect Hill was a bit of a surprise, but quiet otherwise (another river cruiser and a spinylegs about it).